How to delete Grindr account

Delete grindr account

You have two options to delete your grindr account:

Option One:

Using your computer, open your internet browser and click the following link:

From the request page, fill the information you will be asked to fill, including the email you used during account creation and your device type which will help grindr support team to identify you and then your account will be removed.

Option Two:

Option two is direct method to remove your grindr account by using your grindr mobile application, just follow these steps for android and apple devices:

1. On your mobile device, open Grindr app

2. Tap Grindr then Mask and then Settings

3. Then the final step is to tap, “Delete Profile” and then confirm

delete grindr account

Your account will be completely removed and you can not recover any information which was stored on your account.